Hokkaido University Hospital
Clinical Research and
Medical Innovation Center

The operating goal of the Hokkaido University Hospital Clinical Research and Medical Innovation Center is to actualize optimal medical treatments. To this end, we are involved in creating items such as ground breaking pharmacological products and medical equipment developed in Japan and designing treatment methodologies for patients with intractable conditions. We also support research projects for the purpose of ensuring the implementation of optimal clinical research. To achieve these goals, we have assembled a staff of medical technology development and clinical research specialists and operate cutting edge facilities such as the Cell Processing Room and the Biobank.

Together with not only our doctors and researchers, but also employees at partner companies and, most of all, all of the patients and test subjects who participate in our studies, we will keep striving to actualize the creation of innovative medical technologies and the optimal implementation of clinical research.

1Center activity summary

2Organization Chart


Clinical Research Operations Division
Provides support for the development of clinical research that aims to excavate, cultivate, and commercialize seeds for the development of medical treatment technology
Clinical Research Operations Division
Conducts ever higher level patient data profiling through the storage of pathological tissue gathered through tests and the incorporation of cutting edge technology
Regenerative Medicine Division
Provides support to actualize clinical usability of regenerative medicine and cellular therapy developed in academia
Clinical Research Support Division
Provides unified support from consultation for research execution using the Center's ARO function to assistance commencement
Clinical Trial Support Division
Provides support for the smooth execution of clinical trials and support that facilitates a smooth clinical trial process for subjects in the hospital environment
Phase I Clinical Trial Support division
Using the Phase I Unit, this Division executes early stage investigatory clinical research and clinical trials targeting healthy adults and promotes clinical research on promising seeds from the university, etc.
Data Management Division
Provides support for clinical research through activities ranging from support for drafting research planning documents to data management processes such as case recording
Biostatistics Division
Provides support for clinical research analysis method related statistics consultation
Quality Management Division
Verifies the appropriateness of and provides quality control for execution in clinical trials and other forms of clinical research through source document verification
Quality Assurance Division
Implements quality assurance activities designed to improve clinical research reliability
Planning and Management Division
Provides the clerical support necessary for Center activities to proceed smoothly

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